Eye test - at the optician in Wollishofen

Myopia is the vision disorder characterized by blurred vision in the distance. "Myops" comes from the Greek and means "blinking face".

Eye tests at the Augencenter Wollishofen

During an eye test, the eyes' vision is checked. At the Augencenter Wollishofen, the master optician and ophthalmologist will guide you competently and sympathetically through the tests, analyses and discussions.
Eye Laser

Arrange an eye test

Driver's license

Eye test for driver's license

Vision Check

Test whether you need vision correction. Have your current vision solution checked.


Have a comprehensive eye test. Test the eyes if you need new glasses.

Contact lenses

Do you need an appointment to renew your contact lenses? Do you want to change the type of contact lenses?

Vision check for children's eyes

Vision tests can reveal signs of vision problems in children and adolescents.

Switch to contact lenses

Do you want to try contact lenses?

Appointments at the Augencenter Wollishofen

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