Eye Center Wollishofen

Ophthalmologist Dominique Mustur, M.D.
... and the team of the Augencenter in Zurich Wollishofen.

Ophthalmologists and team at the Augencenter Wollishofen

Dr. med.
Dominique Mustur

Medical Director, Ophthalmologist, incl. Ophthalmic Surgery - Specialist FMH Ophthalmology and Ophthalmic Surgery

Dr. med.
Myron Kynigopoulos


Specialist FMH Ophthalmology / Surgery

Dr. med.
Piotr Gaca


Specialist FMH Ophthalmology FEBO

Logo Eye Center Wollishofen Zurich

Dr. med.
Jelena Farkas


Specialist FMH 

Samira Passamonti

Dipl. med. practice manager, team and patient administration

Barbara Weisstanner

Federally certified orthoptist, school of vision & strabismus consultation

Gabriel Bishop

Optician EFZ, eye tests and eyeglass prescriptions

Rachel Lichtenstein

Optician, eye tests and eyeglass prescriptions

Natália Tóth

Certified optician, eye tests and eyeglass prescriptions

Cardelen Satan

Practice reception / administration

Loredana Pascali

Practice reception / administration