Retina and vitreous body

A healthy retina is crucial for our vision. Like a light-sensitive film, it lines the inside of the eye and converts incoming light into electrical signals for our brain.

Retina is the seeing brain

In retinal detachment, a tear in the retina causes fluid to flow from the vitreous under the retina. This process is usually rapidly progressive. When detachment of the retinal center (macula) occurs, the prognosis for vision deteriorates significantly, even after surgery.

Examples of diseases of the retina

Diseases of the retina Without impairment

Causes of retinal detachment

Retinal detachment due to tears

Causes of a tear-related retinal detachment can be caused by an injury. The retinal injury can also be partial. This is the most common form of retinal detachment.

Train-induced retinal detachment

In traction-induced retinal detachment, vitreous detaches from the retina partially or completely. This can cause a tear in the retina. The tear can in turn cause retinal detachment.

Exudative retinal detachment

In this case, there is an accumulation of fluid between the retina and choroid. The fluid originates from the vessels of the choroid.

Treatment options for myopia

Retinal detachment symptoms

Symptoms of an incipient (painless) retinal detachment are:

  • Perceptions of flashes (even in the dark) on the affected eye
  • sudden onset of a symptom similar to a soot shower
  • as well as sudden, streaky vision
  • Shadow formation from peripheral to the center of vision

Patients with such symptoms should consult an ophthalmologist immediately.

Once the center of the retina or the macula (area on the retina with which we see most sharply) is detached, vision often remains reduced.

Prophylaxis and early detection

If detected early, the operation has a good chance of recovery and the affected person will not carry any impairment of vision later on.

Eyeglass lenses or contact lenses

The methods of therapy of retinal detachments are various.

The degree of retinal detachment and the extent of the retinal hole determine the optimal method of therapy.

Overall, surgical intervention is usually the only effective method.

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