Dry eye - Sicca syndrome

Dry, itchy, red eye. Dry eye is one of the most widespread diseases of the visual organ.


Treat dry, itchy, red eyes

Dry eyes can occur when your tear production is interrupted. Symptoms include red, irritated eyes, a burning sensation as well as a dry or scratchy sensation, followed by excessive secretion production. Burning, itching and redness: dry eyes (keratoconjunctivitis sicca) cause constant irritation. Dry eye syndrome is a common disease.

About 20% of ophthalmology patients are affected. Typical symptoms are redness and burning of the eye, accompanied by a foreign body sensation.

Dry eye complaints

  • Eye burning
  • Eye itching
  • Feeling of dryness of the eyes (as if there were grains of sand on the surface of the organ of vision).

Poor vision with dry eyes

Dry eyes Without impairment

The cause is usually the disturbance of the tear film. Either not enough tear fluid is produced, or the composition of the tear film is disturbed, so that the tear film is not stable and evaporates too quickly. Artificial tears help further, but do not solve the problem permanently.

  • insufficient production of tear fluid
  • altered composition of the tear fluid or
  • decreased blinking
  • chronic malfunction of the meibomian sebaceous glands

Treatment options for dry eyes

Dry eye treatment

Sufficient and uniform wetting of the eyes is essential for symptom-free vision. For the therapy of dry eyes, tear substitute in the form of drops is used.

This wetting is ensured by the so-called tear film, which is produced by various glands located in the eyelids, at the edges of the eyelids, in the eye socket and the conjunctiva.

Risks of dry eyes

If dry eye is not treated or not treated sufficiently, it can lead to permanent damage to the cornea, which may even impair vision.

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