Office Eye Syndrome

Office eye syndrome (keratoconjunctivitissicca) describes the clinical picture in which the eyes become too dry and inflammation threatens.

After long work at the computer your eyes itch and burn? Office Eye Syndrome?

The eye does hard work in front of the computer. Many people are familiar with itchy, burning, watery or red eyes. These sensations are often associated with headaches or neck pain. The causes for the strain on our eyes are quickly found:

  • low humidity, e.g. due to dry heating air
  • Environmental stimuli such as dust, smoke and exhaust fumes
  • Drafts, e.g. from windows or air conditioning systems
  • frequent temperature differences, especially in the cold season

Take these warning signs seriously and do something good for your eyes.

Measures can be taken against Office Eye Syndrome

Even a 5-minute break per hour from the computer screen benefits your eyes. For example, get up to make a phone call and look out the window instead of at the monitor.

In between, let your eyes wander into the distance again and again and rest there for a moment. Focusing on a distant point not only relaxes the eye muscles.

Whether at the TV or at the computer screen: Don't forget to blink. With each blink, you supply your eyes with tear fluid and distribute it evenly on the cornea.

Avoid any spasmodic blinking. Blink without furrowing your brow or tensing your facial muscles.

Keeping your body well hydrated will also prevent tired and itchy eyes.

With songs closed, you can easily move your eyeballs, for example, circling slowly. With eyes closed, many people can also concentrate, remember and think better.

A little workout would be: look from the ceiling to the floor and trace an imaginary figure eight from right to left with your eyes, draw a word in the air with your finger and follow the tip of your finger with your gaze.

Rub your hands together for a few seconds until they become warm. Then place them on your (closed) eyes without applying pressure. Even this 30-second exercise can be enormously beneficial.

A light massage at the root of the nose or from the eyes to the temples relaxes the eyes. Also, lightly tapping the edges of the bones that frame the eye can be beneficial.

For sensitive eyes, you can obtain so-called "artificial tears" with caring active ingredients from any pharmacy. However, be sure to discuss prolonged use with your doctor.

For irritated eyes, glasses are often a better choice than wearing contact lenses all the time. 

Anyone who has frequent eye problems, with or without glasses, should have their eyes tested; perhaps VDT glasses will be necessary.

Eye fatigue from digital devices

Digital devices have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. However, prolonged screen use can lead to various eye complaints. Your eyes have to work harder and focus more often when you look at a screen. This can lead to symptoms such as eye fatigue, eye strain, blurred or double vision, and dry eyes.

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