Eyelids and eyelid malpositions

Complaint-free opening and closing of the eyelid: The problem with eyelid malpositions is disturbed wetting of the eye, which can lead to increased tearing, foreign body sensation or sensitivity to light.


Correct malpositions of the eyelids aesthetically and functionally

The eyelids have an important protective function for the eyeball. External stimuli (foreign bodies, glare) cause automatic eyelid closure as a reflex. A healthy shape and position of the eyelids allows the eyeball to be completely covered when the eyelids are closed. The regular blinking of the eyelids ensures an even distribution of tear fluid across the conjunctiva and cornea, thus preventing the eye from drying out.

Eyelid malpositions are manifold. The problem is always a disturbed wetting of the eye, which can lead to increased tearing, foreign body sensation or sensitivity to light.

Healthy eyelids protect the eye from external influences.

Visual field restrictions in case of malposition of the eyelids

Eyelid malposition Without impairment

Malpositions of the eyelids

Entropion (rolled eyelid)

When the eyelid margin rotates inward, it is no longer the conjunctiva but the edge of the eyelid with the eyelashes or even the outer eyelid skin that is in contact with the eyeball. The eyelid is inward ...

Ectropion (outward tilt)

Ectropion refers to the outward tilting of the eyelid margin. Almost exclusively the lower eyelid is affected. The most common cause is an age-related slackening of the eyelid ligaments and the eyelid plate, so that corresponding ...

Blepharochalasis (sagging)

Blepharochalasis is an age-related sagging of the upper eyelid skin. The excess of eyelid skin can cause a feeling of heavy eyelids and also visual field limitations.

Ptosis (drooping)

Drooping (ptosis) of one or both eyelids is caused by paralysis of the eyelid elevator, muscular weakness or connective tissue weakness. Treatment of acquired ptosis depends on the underlying disease.

Drooping eyelid (upper eyelid stiffening)

In common parlance, drooping eyelids are also called drooping eyelids. An upper eyelid lift is a surgical treatment of drooping eyelids. Drooping eyelids are primarily a functional - protection of the eye ...

Lagophthalmos (paralysis)

In lagophthalmos, the affected person cannot close his eye completely, which is often due to a paralysis of the facial nerve. Lagophthalmos can be corrected surgically. Alternatively, the therapy is ...

Eyelid surgery for correction and tightening of the eyelids (blepharoplasty)

Eyelid surgery

Upper eyelid lift allows normal visual field and a clear facial expression.

Age-related conditions such as entropion, ectropion, dermatochalasis, blepharochalasis, and ptosis can be treated surgically.

Lagophthalmos, on the other hand, is corrected with the help of adapted glasses, ointments and a night bandage.

Eyelid discomfort as a "disease

With aging, the skin of the eyelids also slackens, they become more or less wrinkled. Upper eyelid lifts are also considered aesthetic surgery.

Health insurance companies cover the costs only in selected cases - when eyelids cause problems that have disease value.

For example, the eyelids must be pressing on the cornea, and the field of vision must be severely limited, as evidenced by visual field measurement.

Eyelid correction and lifting (blepharoplasty)

Natural aging skin and eyelids

The natural aging of the skin is a normal and in no way pathological process. The older we get, the drier and thinner the skin becomes. Especially around the mouth and eyes form ...

Eyelid lift and correction of excess skin

The surgical procedure on the upper eyelid "drooping eyelid" includes removal of the excess skin adapted to your individual needs. Depending on the findings, additional removal of the protruding fatty tissue and correction of the ...

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